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Today the need to reduce tyre management costs is vital to any company operating transport. For 40 years TTS has established a reputation for providing a remould service tailored to meet the customers requirements, offering product ranges in premium remould and precure ranges gives a comprehensive range of tread patterns to suit all relevant operations.

All products are manufactured using high grade rubber compounds, which are continually being developed and improved to provide tyres, which customers have proved, will equal or even out perform new tyres.


TTS specialise in providing a guaranteed Customer Own Casing (COC) service to users. This is ideal for fleets who, wish to maximise the use of their own casings. We are able to return the processed tyre with the original serial number and customer name embossed on the sidewall. A regular collection and delivery service is made to the distributor and fleet user. At the point of collection, a detailed record is made of all casings. This is the start of the TTS casing management system, which has been developed over many years to meet individual customer requirements.

In addition to the COC service, a full range of stock remoulds and retreads are held at the factory to supplement both distributor and user requirements.

The TTS sales representatives have many years of experience in the truck tyre industry. They have a wealth of knowledge and are able to advise on the most cost effective use of your casings and recommend the most suitable tread patterns for your operation. They will liaise with your distributor on collection and delivery of casings and even bring you to the factory to witness the processing of your tyres.

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Reducing your costs, and the cost to the environment.

TTS remains committed to absolute excellence in everything we do. However, there is much more to US than commercial and technical expertise.

TTS products offer one of the most practical and cost- effective way to reduce your transport operating expenses. They have many environmental advantages over new replacement tyres in terms of raw materials and energy savings. It takes continuing innovation and investment in the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure that these advantages are realised to the fullest extent.

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